December 21, 2010

Fact #163: Okay, NOW I'm done

Yep. I'm actually, really, totally done with my Christmas shopping! I was waiting for inspiration to hit for the last few gifts, and it finally did.


Places like or Amazon make it easy to find a gift you know someone wants. And I'll admit I've both requested and bought presents straight from a wishlist. It can save a lot of trouble and waiting in line to return things. :)

But despite the risk-free convenience of wishlists, sometimes I like going off the grid. I like trying to hunt down the perfect present for someone all on my own -- something they didn't ask for, something they didn't even know they wanted til they got it. It's a way of taking everything I know about a person and wrapping it up and giving it to them.

A good present is like a nickname. You can't pick one for yourself. Someone else has to pick it for you. (And hopefully it won't suck.)

Til tomorrow.


Karen Solas said...

Amen to that, Slow Boat!

marianne said...

Re: Karen's comment - :-)