January 13, 2011

Fact #186: The wisdom of old age

This is an actual exchange (paraphrased because I don't remember the actual actual exchange) that took place when I was visiting my family over the holidays.
(Everyone is sitting at the table eating breakfast.)

My 17-month-old niece: (smashing her banana on the table and reaching for her sippy cup) Milk! Milk!

Me: Isn't that crazy? She knows exactly what she wants. First she wants banana, then she wants milk. How does she know that?

My brother: She's not an alien. She's just a little person.

Me: Yeah, but how does she know?

My brother: How do you know?

Me: Years of experience have taught me that you should always have milk after banana.
(I was lying. I never knew that.)

Til tomorrow!

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Nate said...

Hello, Auntie Ro!