January 12, 2011

Fact #185: Frogs and Shakes

It's snowy and gross outside today. I already ran at the gym and worked at the spa. So now I'm spending the rest of the afternoon curled up on the couch watching Parks and Recreation. Ahhhh... :)

I'm getting some stuff done though. Today I decided to finally organize all my bookmarks in Firefox. It's boring and nerdy, I know, but it was long overdue. I have a tendency to bookmark a ton of random pages, just on the off chance I ever want to visit them again (which I probably won't).

Anyway, I was sorting through my bookmarks, organizing them into folders and subfolders, when I came across an old folder called "Frogs and Shakes." Um, what?

I clicked on the folder and it turned out to be a bunch of links to sites about the gastric brooding frog and a bunch of links to sites with Shakespearean monologues. I must have been in a hurry and clicked the Bookmark All Tabs button. . . and then named the folder as accurately/ridiculously as I could.

Frogs and Shakes. If I ever open a restaurant, maybe that's what I'll call it. (Except it probably won't serve frogs. Just shakes.)

Til tomorrow!


A Beautiful Mess said...

(I totally just organized all my bookmarks the other day :X)

Lol your restaurant could just be called Shakes and Shakes then and serve milkshakes while people recite Shakespeare and Shakespeare-related things like this! ->


Laurel said...

Ha! I like it. Or it could be called Shakes and Shakes because everyone has to order two milkshakes at a time.

troy said...

Yeah, but if Kermt came in, I bet you'd serve a frog