January 25, 2011

Fact #198: Help me, help me, help me

I need new music. Badly.

I'm a few weeks into half marathon training, and I need more good music to run to!! It's like my fuel. Good songs make me run faster, bad songs make me fall off the treadmill.

So, I'm putting this question out to the universe: what awesome music should I be listening to? (Either for workouts or just for everyday listening.)

I'm open to any and all input! And if I really love your suggestion, I'll give you a prize.

Til tomorrow!


Q Schroe said...

I would recommend VNV Nation if you like anything electronic, and Nickle Creek if you are human. Other than that I am on a gaelic(esque) kick and like Carbon Leaf, Gaelic Storm, and The Elders.

Let me know if you want me to send / point you to some albums!

Rich Mathis said...

It really depends on what kind of music works best for you. I really dig Deep Forest and Steve Reich for doing yoga, since it puts me into an almost trancelike state.

For everyday life, I really love Swell Season, the duo from the movie "Once". I've recently discovered I like Patty Larkin and Amos Lee (folkies). I'm also a bit of a Ben Godwin fan who has sort of a young Tom Waits vibe. Hear his stuff free at http://bengodwin.bandcamp.com/

A Beautiful Mess said...

Don't Wake Me Up by The Hush Sound, Oh No! By Marina & the Diamonds, and Fruit Machine by The Ting Tings are some of my current running favorites. Some of my stand-bys that I can usually count on to pump me up are One, Two, Three, GO! by Belanova, Jerk It Out by The Caesars, Rusty Halo by The Script, and good old O Valencia by The Decemberists.

A Beautiful Mess said...

Gaelic Storm is great! I saw them perform at the Pgh Irish Festival last year, so good! Never Drink 'Em Dry (Johnny Tarr's Funeral) and Green Eyes, Red Hair are my favorites. If you like them you might like Scythian too. Great dueling fiddles. :)

Joel said...

Well my dear running buddy...i rock out to showtunes when I run...it's hilarious because i'm pretty sure that i am the only person at the gym who hears Next to Normal at mile 4.

But some good showtunes to run to:
Mamma Mia - very upbeat for most of the songs, good to bop along with

Into the Woods- the first number is 12 minutes...by the time this ends, you should be somewhere around 1.5 miles...it's a good timer system

Songs for A New World- Jason Robert Brown...need I say more?