January 31, 2011

Fact #204: I know some things about some things...

I went out to Over the Bar tonight for some veggie burgers and beers with friends. Right as we were finishing our food, they started their Monday night trivia game -- so of course we had to stay and play.

We did okay. We knew some hard ones. . . and missed a few obvious ones. We were hanging onto third place until the very final round, when we got super stumped and subsequently schooled (alliteration: almost as much fun as hyperbole!).

My not-finest moment was when I tried very seriously to explain to my friends that Billy Mays died because he got hit on the head with a suitcase.

It wasn't even a trivia question.

Til tomorrow!

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Q Schroe said...

It's okay Slow Boat, Fox News agrees with you!