February 17, 2011

Fact #221: Look look look!

My first crochet attempt!

Oooo... Ahhhh...

So far I learned how to do the slip knot, the chain stitch, and the double crochet.

Just don't look too close, or you'll see all the weird spots where I missed a stitch or pulled my stitches too tight or something.

I can already tell that my crochet kryptonite is going to be counting stitches. It's not that I'm bad at counting -- I mean, I can count other things! But when it comes to knitting or crocheting, I feel like I shouldn't have to use any math at all. I'd just rather eyeball it.

Of course, that road leads to a weird, lumpy, misshapen thing that starts out as a hat and ends up as a potholder. And nobody wants that.

Potholders = lame.*
Hats = awesome.

Til tomorrow!

*That's probably too harsh. Potholders are great.


Kim said...

Hey, that's awesome! Good job. That's funny you learned a double crochet before a single one.

Rick said...

You go crocheter (is that right?)! Lookin' good!

A Beautiful Mess said...

Yay! I love crocheting! The learning goes quickly and it's much easier to fix mistakes than in knitting (at least I think so). Just make scarves for everyone you know and you'll be a pro in no time. :)