February 18, 2011

Fact #222: Puppies vs Elephants

When I was little, I (for some reason) had a huge stuffed elephant.

I also had a sweet, wonderful dog named Lily.

She liked to use the elephant as a pillow.

I found these pictures in a stack of old photos, and I couldn't stop smiling/giggling/crying.

Til tomorrow!


Nate said...

Wah. I have somewhere a picture of her sitting in the driver's seat of my car as I finished packing the truck for my move out to Chicago. Sad / funny / miss that girl... She was a good dog.

marianne said...

Your memories make me smile, and, tear up a little.

Rick said...

We sure have had some great dogs over all these years. And elephants too!

Karen Solas said...

Whoa, these photos are so great! What strange, wonderful critters our dog friends can be.