February 19, 2011

Fact #223: Usually I fear change...

Since the very first time I got fitted for a pair of running shoes, I've been wearing Asics. I love Asics. Looove. Loooooooove. Looooooooooooooo-- Okay, you get the picture.

But each version of the Gel Foundation is a little different -- I really liked the last ones I had, but when I tried on the newest version I just wasn't a huge fan. So today. . . I bought my first pair of Brooks!! Aaaaaaah!!

Aren't they super cool and stylish? Yes, they are. They're also nice and supportive, but lighter than the Foundations, which will be a nice change.

And it's a good thing I got new shoes today -- I'll need a nice long run to work off my lunch.

Yes, that's a double stack veggie burger. Yum.

Til tomorrow!

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