March 5, 2011

Fact #237: No time, no time!

The clock on my computer says 11:52pm. Let's see how much stuff I can write and still manage to post this before midnight..

1) I had my audition for the TCUTA's today. I felt good about it. Foot = in the door of the Minneapolis/St. Paul theatre scene. Awesome.

2) Someone once told me to think of auditions as a three minute party. It's your chance to invite the auditors to your party. Maybe that doesn't make any sense, but I think of it sometimes right before I go into an audition, and it always helps. I like it because it helps me throw my energy outward instead of keeping it focused inward. After all, I want to be a good host!

3) My niece said my name today and my heart exploded.

4) I'm the queen of Bananagrams.

5) Augh, only 2 minutes left!!!

6) I borrowed two cars today, both were automatics. Sometimes I wish my car was an automatic. It's so easy! That way I can focus more of my attention on the text messages I'm sending. Just kidding. Seriously, don't text and drive. And for the love of god, don't read a newspaper and drive. Or put on makeup and drive. Or shave and drive. (Those are all things I've seen people try to do.)

6) Time's up. G'night!

Til tomorrow.

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