March 6, 2011

Fact #238: Heart = 1,000,000 pieces

So far, this have been a great visit for baby/puppy time.

I have to admit, I've got a giant crush on my niece -- her smile is just about the best thing ever! I love playing with her, making her laugh and watching her think. She's so cute and super smart!

And when she's not into being adored by me, Bruno conveniently turns up to soak up all the extra attention I've got.

It's a perfect system, really.

Til tomorrow!


Rick said...

Sounds wonderful! Glad you are having such a good visit.

marianne said...

As Quentin said a few posts back: jealous. But, really, I'll get my chance in a few weeks. So, I'll change the jealous comment to "enjoy!".