March 12, 2011

Fact #244: Maybe it's all the yoga

I'm getting pretty good at prioritizing things in my head, separating what I need to focus on now from what I'll need to focus on later. Taking stuff as it comes, instead of staring at the whole wide vastness of the future coming toward me like the amazingly spherical boulder chasing Indiana Jones through the perfectly cylindrical tunnel in Raiders of the Lost Ark.*

Which is good, because my life is about to get crazy. (Again.) (Like everyone's does.)

But despite the fact that I'm not even entirely sure where I'll be living after April (I mean, I've got a general idea, but who knows), I'm calm as a cucumber. Wait, is that right? No, it's 'cool as a cucumber'. Which doesn't really make a whole lot more sense. Maybe it's a cucumber straight from the fridge. Anyhoo.

The only thing that still manages to impinge on my inner calm every time I start thinking about it is stuff. Belongings, I mean. I don't even have that much! But the thought of packing it all up, digging through nicely disorganized drawers, trying to decide what to take and what to leave... Oooh yeah, that stresses me out. There's a temptation to just abandon everything for the sake of traveling light. But then of course I'll get to wherever I'm going, look around and think, "Hey where's all my stuff?"

I don't have that much, but the stuff I've still got made it this far for a reason. :)

Til tomorrow!

*Thanks Nic!


Nic Roberts said...
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Nic Roberts said...

Sorry, but I have to say it - it was Raiders of the Lost Ark!

Laurel said...

Oh snap! I got Indiana Jones schooled! I'm so embarrassed.. I'm changing it. Don't tell anyone!