March 13, 2011

Fact #245: Spring forward!

I almost forgot to spring my clocks forward last night. And when I did remember, I only changed some of them.

That led to a confusing morning for me --
My alarm goes off, I'm right on time. I go into the bathroom to shower, I'm an hour early. I go downstairs, I'm right on time. Upstairs, an hour early. That might not seem too terribly confusing, but my brain doesn't function at peak capacity so early in the day.

Luckily my phone updated automatically, but my computer didn't. Well, my computer sort of updated. It knew something was supposed to be different, so it decided that 6:45am would now be 7:45pm. So close, little iBook, so close. Ha! I knew I was secretly smarter than you.

My computer is still freaking out a little bit, but I THINK it's now 10:31pm. Time for me to pack it in. I've got a giant to do list for tomorrow, starting with a 6:30 yoga class. Wheeeee!

Til tomorrow.

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