March 31, 2011

Fact #263: 100 words

I have to write a 100 word bio this weekend.

How do you tell someone about yourself in 100 words? Which parts do you put in? Which parts do you leave out? How do you fit in all the hilarious catchphrases you've made up?

On the one hand, 100 words seems very limiting. But on the other hand, it demands focus. If I had 1,000 words, I'd probably use them all. My words would be like goldfishes that grow and grow to fit their tank.

One of my favorite lessons in writing is that every word you write should serve the story. And not just any story. This particular story. And even though my bio isn't a made-up story, it's still a story about me. Not my whole life story. Just a snapshot. A perspective.

So what snapshot do I want to take?

The tattoo on my ribs says 'specify'. I think that's a pretty good place to start.

Til tomorrow!

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