April 23, 2011

Fact #285: Vitamin C-ed!!

Last week I bought a 3lb bag of clementine oranges. I almost bought the 5lb crate, but I got too scared. In fact, I normally shy away from buying fruit in any kind of bag/box/crate situation. It's too much for me to commit to.

But these clementines were just so.. darn.. cute! So adorable and tasty-looking. So bite-sized and easy to peel. They overcame my natural fear of produce commitment.

All week long, I've been eating them like they're candy and I'm a kid whose parents let her shove candy in her face all day long. By now I only have one or two left.

But I think all that vitamin C is working! A couple of times over the past few months, I've hit that point where I miiiiight get sick -- and each time, I pulled myself back from the brink without ever actually coming down with something. (And yes, I realize that by saying that, I'm basically flicking fate in the forehead and then running away as fast as I can.)

Anyway, the main point is, next time I'm getting the crate.

Til tomorrow!

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