April 30, 2011

Fact #293: I like my feet on the ground

Or at the very least, I like my feet on something that's on the ground. I had the best ride up to New York on the Megabus, due mainly to the fact that a bus is not an airplane. Is this how normal people feel about flying?? It was great! I slept for a while, I read for a while, I listened to my iPod... It's amazingly easy to kill time when you're not also fighting down hysterical panic. It's pretty nice, actually.

I didn't get a ton of sleep last night, so the bus ride was the perfect chance to rest up for the weekend. So far, I like NYC. For one thing, walking 12 blocks I already passed a ton of yummy looking vegan/veggie places. *drool* New plan for the weekend: eat everything.

I'm mo-blogging so I can't post pics yet. And actually, I haven't taken any yet. But I will!

Til tomorrow.


Rick said...

Enjoy your time in the Big Apple. I've never been there, but would like to go someday.

troy said...

If you can try it, it's awesome. The place is called Zen Pallet and it's in Manhatten. Also check out Jack's show if you have time, City Love Song. I believe it's playing right now before going on the international tour. Jack was the nice gentleman that wed Tiff and I. Call and I can get you info or Google "City Love Song".