June 16, 2011

Fact #341: I covet Surly gear

Ooo, ooo, ooo! I want one of these.

I used to have one, actually, but I donated it in my big moving purge. (And, to be honest, it was actually Freddie's. I sort of commandeered it, despite the fact that it was way too big for me.) I told him he could take it to California when he moved, but he didn't want it anymore! It's almost like his girlfriend stole it and wore it all the time until it was all faded and old.

In my defense, I was gonna get one of my own, but for a long time Surly wasn't even selling them. But now they are! In girl sizes! And I want one! (Even though where I'm going, it'll only be hoodie weather for about 10 days a year.)

But I still want one! I wanted it my whole liiiiiiife!

Til tomorrow.


Nate said...

I wanted it my whole liiiiife!

Laurel said...

Hehe. I totally stole that from you guys!