June 26, 2011

Fact #351: Casablanca

I saw Casablanca at the Regent Square Theatre with some friends tonight. I'm glad I went, I'd never seen it before! There are tons of old movies on my 'to watch' list, but I can finally check this one off.

I have some thoughts about it:

1) They played all the credits at the beginning of the movie instead of the end. I liked it.
2) It's weird watching a movie for the first time and recognizing so many iconic lines. I sort of felt like I'd already seen it.
3) People in old movies often appear to be terrible kissers.
4) There are some amazing one liners in the movie (besides the famous ones).
5) The 'single tear halfway down the cheek' appears to be a very powerful argumentative technique.

Til tomorrow!

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