June 27, 2011

Fact #352: I am a bottomless vat of human emotion

Today was one of those days -- I'm assuming everyone has days like these, but I could be wrong (please tell me I'm not wrong!) -- where I started crying at 8:30am and never really got it back together.

I mean, I wasn't a weepy mess all day. It was just there the whole time, ready to burst out again every couple of hours for another round.

I'm a little stressed. And I'm a little sad. And I'm a lot tired.

It seems to be a system I've worked out with myself. When I don't give my eyes enough time to be closed at night, they punish me by spewing tears all day.

So just deal with it, bus-driver-at-8:30am-wondering-why-this-crazy-girl-is-crying-on-your-bus. It had to be done.

And now I feel better.

Til tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

don't worry, sweetie. we're getting drinks when you get here.

Nate said...

Love you.

Karen Solas said...

Ditto what Nate said. Wish we could send Bruno to you to give you a big sloppy doggie kiss. (No really. I want to send him to you.)

Laurel said...

Thanks guys. I can't wait to see you! And KSo, I would totes take Bruno on my roadtrip!