July 8, 2011

Fact #363: Be honest, be brave

That's going to be my mantra for the next two years.

In just a little over a month, I'll be starting classes in my MFA program. It's gonna be crazy and wonderful and intense. I can't even quite imagine yet how it'll feel to be knee-deep in the program. But as long as I hold onto those things, as long as I remember to bring them back when they start to slip away, I think I'll be a-ok.

It's easy to hide. It's easy to bluff or fake your way. It's hard to be open, accountable, honest. It's scary. But it's how you get to the good stuff.

So when things get challenging and I just want to lock myself in my house and eat froyo all day and never come out, these are the words I'll give myself:

Be honest, be brave. 

Til tomorrow!

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