September 16, 2010

Fact #67: Misc.

When was the last time you moved? I mean, moved to a new house/apartment/city? Maybe it's been a long, long time, or maybe you've done it so many times you've lost count.

I personally have moved 4(ish) times. There have been a few semi-moves and 4 big pack-up-everything-you-own type moves.

Whenever I packed for one of those big moves, I'd start out very organized, with boxes labeled "Kitchen" or "Clothes" or "Office". But by the end, all my boxes would just be labeled "Misc", and I'd be shoving random crap anywhere it would fit.

There aren't enough categories for all the things I own, apparently.

I've been trying to organize my life a little bit, and I'm running into this exact same problem. I want there to be a special drawer, a special shelf, a special place for everything. But I'm missing either the space or the organizational ability to make that happen. I always have leftover things that don't fit into any category.

So I'm resorting to the same tactics I use when I pack. I organize everything as well as I can, and whatever's leftover goes into the "Miscellaneous" drawer. (Which may be less like a drawer and more like a closet.)

I dream of the day all of my things will fit into 5 simple categories, but until then -- don't open that closet!

Til tomorrow.

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