September 17, 2010

Fact #68: I could do this forever

Today I had to record a voice-over audition to send to my agent.

Sadly, I don't have a home recording studio or even an old-timey microphone, so I actually used my iPhone to record it. It's not the best audio quality, but it's not the worst. Plus, it helps me justify buying an iPhone! (See? I'm using it for work, not just to play Angry Birds and Scrabble.)

If I'd taped it at my agent's office, I probably would have gotten to read the copy a couple of times, then they'd have picked the best one and that would be it. Simple.

But at home. . . well, no one's around to cut me off! So after every take, I'd think, "Wellll, maybe just one more." Seriously, I could have gone on forever. I could have starved to death in my apartment, talking to myself like a crazy person.

Luckily, I had to send it in by 2. So I survived. This time.

I live a dangerous lifestyle.

Til tomorrow!

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